The evil omen has come true…

Chapter 1

One night the most prominent Babylonian sorceress had a strange dream… On the day of a full moon, a girl would be born who would not be like any human being. She would be able to talk to animals, plants and especially to stones. She would be the most powerful clairvoyant of the world and would be famous for her kindness. But fate would play a spiteful trick on her, predicting her to fall in love with an evil wizard. He would use her gift to destroy all humans and beasts able to merge with their stones to rule the world as he wished… Not long after, the dream started to come true.

The girl grew, becoming more and more beautiful and rumors were going around about her gifts. Shortly before she was eighteen, the old Babylonian sorceress told her about the dream. This made the girl named Helena so sad. She ran to a rock and wept inconsolably, unwilling to part with her soul mate, hidden in her talisman.

Then the stone spoke, “Do not be sad, divide me into two halves. Throw the one in the water and the other keep for yourself…

Helena touched the stone. It split into two halves – two drops pierced by their tips.

The girl threw the teardrop half which, falling down, shaded with red speckles. These were the stone’s tears.

In a few days, the beauty climbed the rock again. She could no longer predict the future neither could she speak with beasts. Suddenly, a handsome young man emerged from the woods. The girl couldn’t take her eyes off him, enchanted by his handsomeness. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with him forgetting the dangerous prediction.

Not long after, they got married. Helena began to realize that her handsome husband was indeed the reincarnated evil wizard Alexander, who constantly insisted on knowing where she was hiding her half of the magical moonstone. The evil omen has come true. Time passed and she gave birth to a baby girl and while she grew older, Alexander remained still young. Helena realized that time is coming when he would try to take her treasure by force. She read to her daughter the book for the moonstone she had written by herself. She urged her to promise that she would never share this secret, even with her father. Soon after that, Alexander pushed Helena from the rock… His daughter, who stood hidden in the woods, became a secret witness to his crime… The evil wizard abandoned everything and roamed the lands in search of the moonstone… He destroyed every man and every stone that belonged to each other.

After the death of Helena, the moonstone was handed down over generations, having only passed into the hands of women. Each of them protected it with their lives together with the book that Helena had left to her daughter. In those remote times, all other magic stones, struck by fear of being destroyed became silent and stopped being good and helping people.

Chapter 2 ….


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