“A World without love is like a book without history

or like a river without water, life without air
or a war without fighting and without death.
What I mean is that
my world was meaningless
before I met the love. ”
Meglena Ivanova

Finding your f is hard … Sometimes, however, it finds us, unexpectedly, and places that are not even suspected that he would step!

There are several things that jumped into my mind when I read the title of the competition. The first was that the day of love is one of my favorite holidays, because on that day I met my husband, the second is that my love for him is still intact after six years of our relationship, and the third was that the gestures of love and affection that we reciprocate on the first day we met not only happen on Valentine’s Day. When I think about last years, I can not say that my husband is the man who made me believe that the real love or love at first sight exists. Honestly, I thought that there is an attraction at first sight, but it hit me on the head or something more like something hit me in the heart. I suppose that the arrow of Cupid not only was hit two soul mates but was shown a few of our mutual friends that we are just one another.

Certainly at the beginning things went so easily. Attracting really was, passion, desire, but we were never able to stay alone because our friends constantly fluttering around us. Nobody supposed to feel sprung so I had to invent other games with which to justify the attraction between us. Interesting point was that no one guessed the secret of our intent. Even we ourselves are surprised by the creativity of others.

Once my husband without warning me, who was my only a friend at that moment put a big chocolate egg in my handbag. When I got home again I thought someone had confused the bags and put the chocolate product in the wrong bag, but I could not resist and decided to eat chocolate. When I opened the egg instead of a toy I found a gold chain with a pendant on it. No doubt I realized that the gift was for me because the pendant was a little switch with dedication. It is true that the word was only one, but gathered a whole story. On the little golden key was engraved the word “Treasure”. There was no way a match of something so special and secret this switch, so the only explanation was that my husband is behind the incredible gift. The surprise was so brilliant it deserves the same thing, at least, unusual for a start.

First I did a little research like what the object of my secret project, and then decided what things I needed to surprise him. From replies, which were exchanged during the last few nights I had enough information on what were his favorite books, music, and movies. I knew even what collectors had abilities. The man before me, seemed, even more intriguing and fascinating. I remained fascinated by his gift and wanted to return the gesture with something equally romantic and unique so I decided to experiment. I bought a treasure chest, filled it with sea sand, and sea snail shells, which a friend sent me a particular beach in her city. In addition, to sea chest put things small music box, which was specially commissioned. The song that is heard when opening the box was a favorite of my friend. Treasure chest was delivered to his home, wrapped in a big box as a girdle. Later I realized how much I impressed him and this memory is kept in several pictures of both computers and in our thoughts when we thought of that day.

In response to my surprise, he came up with another title “Mission Karaoke.” The game gave us the opportunity to share with each other their favorite songs and artists. The titles are changed one after another and the words in songs expressing our yearning for each other. He laughed and his wink. The evening was fun for everyone, and our secret writing only reinforced our feelings.
“Hot Issues” was the name of my idea. Each company had to recall one sheet with the name of the opposite sex especially for this purpose selected box. Then within 15 minutes everybody has the right to ask awkward questions about personal and the man whose name was withdrawn. Certainly others were not permitted to attend during these 15 minutes, so all pairs were confined alone in a room where we had gathered. So when he heard his name no doubt that I pulled it, but they both laughed when we saw that he had withdrawn my name.

As if a fate helped us. Of course, I was very excited to stay with the dream boy who I liked but did not expect what happened in the room to leave so lasting and special mark in my mind. There were a few seconds passed since the door had closed behind us when my adored tried to kiss me. The first kiss was rough, seeking the seeking, but then became tender, passionate and research. I will never forget the kiss because she was the first of many, but because she was the only one who sealed the beginning of our love. On the day that he proposed a marriage he was put in a rose at each step of the door of the building in which we lived up to my neck, plus the rose that I found outside my door I found a small card the following message: “If you follow the roses at the end of the chain will find the love of my life.” He called me and told me that I was waiting at the door when I opened it and read the note, walked the path of roses and saw her standing at the end on his knee, holding a small gold ring with white stone in the middle and smile would make the devil and say yes to his proposal.

Now you talked about some of the surprises of my husband for Valentine’s Day through the years of our love, but here is the place to talk about one of my ideas, carried out last year on February 14. I made a video for it with our photos, but not just ordinary photos – the photos themselves were collages made by me personally, I was touched every pixel on them. Added the text to the pictures of one of my poem because I love to write stories and poems, all video and went against our song.

Every day it was funny, unpredictable and interesting. “There are things in life that cannot be planned and just happen”. I thought and finally decided to give him a chance and so we got together just after one year on Valentine’s Day. In the beginning, I was skeptical and did not believe that it would find your partner for life this way, but love managed to find a path. Well, fate really handle more than excellent, because this year we celebrated for the sixth time Valentine’s Day and the  gifts and who proved to be exchanged simultaneously similar and different, because both of us had got the same idea that we presented in different countries had a different way. This time, however, will not you share it because it is a little more intimate but you are on holiday love to create and share moments and fantasies that we want to live with your loved one. Good luck ladies and men and true love will always be shared and even be greater than mine.

P.S. All women and men who are wondering whether to embark on the adventure of love, I say just try your luck – not only can meet your mate, but I’m sure they expect many pleasant, interesting and fun things can not happen to them if they find love.

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