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  If you’re someone who craves the unusual, try to look for carved moonstones. One thing is certain: It will be an original that no one else will have. A little over a hundred years ago, carved moonstone faces, cameos, cupids, and doves set in gold or platinum jewelry were favorites of the upper classes in both the U.S. and Europe , especially in brooches.

Lauren Velez Moonstone RingMoonstones have been popular at celebrity events the past few years. “First of all, moonstone is glamour without being overstated. It’s the kind of gem that you can wear day or evening because it’s exciting but still not over the top”, says Los Angeles-based jewelry-designer-to-the-stars, Erica Courtney, who sells to jewelers all over the world and who also has her own shop on Beverly Boulevard, where many celebrities (from Julia Roberts to Sheryl Crow) stop in to shop.
Also, very important, she adds, “It’s a stone that you can pair with a lot of different colors. The celebrity stylists that I work with really like it because they’re not always sure what the celebrity they’re dressing will choose to actually wear on an awards night or for a movie premiere–and they know that moonstone jewelry will go with a lot of colors.” Within this past years, Courtney’s Moonstone jewelry accessorized stars not only on the red carpets and at premieres but also in fashion trendsetting magazines like InStyle and on TV shows like “Desperate Housewives.
According to Hindu legend, for example, moonstone was formed from moonbeams. The early Romans, too, regarded it to be “made of moonlight” and possess healing powers. Many ancient cultures believed we could be hypnotized simply by staring at the moonstone as the light turns slightly back and forth.
Moonstone is in and of itself an inspiration! The adularescence of moonstone is a magnet. I’ve always used these gems because of their phenomenal optical effects,” says Award-winning jewelry designer, Paula Crevoshay, has often used moonstone in her high-end creations.

Some Celebrities spotted wearing Moonstone:

  • Michelle Obama and her Moonstone brooch or her moonstone-and-diamond earrings. With her fast becoming a contemporary style icon and someone who clearly loves fine jewelry, a Moonstone brooch is something you might want to consider.
  • Kaley Cuoco, wearing moonstone earrings by Neil Lane.
  • Cheryl Crow, who wore a wide moonstone cuff bracelet and Moonstone ring (by Neil Lane) to the Grammy. Awards.
  • Drew Barrymore wore a cocktail ring set with a huge peach-colored Moonstone (by Lorraine Schwartz) to a Golden Globes event.
  • Tina Fey recently wore earrings from Neil Lane’s Renaissance Collection (a mix of Moonstone, brown diamonds, yellow diamonds and white diamonds).
  • Florence Welch from Florence And The Machine wore a Lorraine Schwartz platinum ring with moonstone and diamonds.
  • Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan wears Rainbow Moonstone Ring in Twilight Saga.
  • Leighton Meester like a Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl Moonstone.
  • Bavna Rose Cut Diamond and Moonstone Earrings.
  • Rina Limor 18k Wavy Moonstone Bangle With Diamonds.
  • Lorraine Schwartz 80-Carat Moonstone Ring.
  • Taylor Swift and Rainbow Moonstone Ring.
  • Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert or Katherine Pierce in “The Vampire Diarie“, the Moonstone is one of the items needed to break the curse of the moon and the sun (werewolves and vampires).

Whether your moonstone is blue, white, or silver, you will be in fashion when wearing it this year. “It’s easy to wear and it really looks beautiful against the skin. And designers, who naturally have such a strong aesthetic, know this”, says AGTA Marketing Manager Adam Graham.

If you, like designers, celebrities, and a fast-growing group of consumers, have made up your mind on a moonstone purchase this year, just make a mental note that, while these beautiful, mesmerizing gems aren’t exactly soft, they have a far-from-rugged hardness of 6-6-1/2 (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest).

Be fashion-forward and have fun in your Moonstone jewelry! 


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