kmLKMZFor Authors who want a lot more readers…

With hundreds of books released every single day, I know that many good books and great authors are lost in the chaos of the marketplace.

Me and my Book – The Legend of The Moonstone

In this post 11 GREAT AUTHORS will talk about their experience and their INCREDIBLE MARKETING IDEAS

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So like I said this post is about some of the creative ways those authors have reached out to readers in these days of rapidly changing technology and what they think will be The Next Big Thing in book promotion.

wxdwSocial media…

As a reader and a blogger I truly do appreciate all that authors do to try and promote their books. There are so many choices out there, and with the bookstores carrying less and less in stock you can’t really just go in and browse to see all of the books available. Writing should come first, a fabulous book will sell me faster on other titles that they’ve written than anything else!

Let’s see what Jason Halstead, author of more than 41 books thinks about that…

After several years of doing this, and spending thousands of dollars on marketing, the best marketing I’ve found is writing more books. I’m sure there are some surefire ways to make magic happen, but I’ve been doing pretty well where I’m at and, when I have the time and resources available, I try out new marketing tactics. Ultimately though the magic is writing more books.You can find more about Jason here.

Another great opinion on “How do you market your booksis Marsha’s. She is author of H10N1,The Ups and Downs of Being Dead and kznlZLosing it All. At first, Marsha Cornelius dabbled in freelancing for magazines, and wrote a couple articles for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Topside Loafing. Then she moved on to fiction, trying to write screenplays, before finally finding her niche in novels.

Marketing is the hardest part of being an author. Even with traditional publishers, I understand most newbies are on their own to create a fan base and garner a buzz about your book. I spend time on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, getting in touch with readers. I contact book clubs to visit or Skype. I sometimes offer my books at reduced rates on Amazon, and advertise about it on book websites.” You can find more about Marsha here.

As you begin to build your readership, you will start to discover the power of an online marketing system.

In his guest post in Alison Strachan’s BlogWriting my truth, the self-published author Brad C. Anderson / author of Hammer of Amahte and In the Ravager’s Shadow/ talks about his experience with Social Media.

According to him you need to follow a couple steps to become a well known writer:

  1. If someone buys your book, it’s because YOU sold it, so You Must Become a GREAT Marketer;
  2. As a self-published author, it’s easy to work in a bubble, so You must have a Hunger for Constructive Criticism;
  3. Your customers are people who read books, and readers read many books from lots of different authors, so You need to understand that Life’s Better if You Build an Author Network.

In his interview for my Blog, Brad gave me link to a great guidelines – Marketing Your Book  for Holiday Sales. You can check it out here. Also you can find more about Brad’s interview here.


The Legend of The Moonstone by Meglena Ivanova

You definitely have to hustle hard with promoting your book. Many authors don’t put as much energy on promoting as they do writing the book. Of course, you have to write a quality book, but it won’t sell unless people know about it.

THE most important tip is promoting early, long before the book launches. I was promoting my book – The Legend of The Moonstone long before I even published it. You can find more about my book here.

Another great author is Alison Strachan. She is author of the coming soon fantasy novel with the tentative title The Divided. Alison is a fantasy writer who believes in the power of story-telling.

I plan on experimenting with different techniques like posting work on Wattpad, using Pinterest to generate interest in my characters and my world, as well as programs like Amazon’s KDP Select.”

That’s the great thing about being a self-published author – you have all the control!!! You can find more about Alison’s book on her Blog or from her interview for my Blog here.

It takes time to build relationships, learn your readers wants and needs and develop a base of rabid fans that glamour for more.

Grow your readership as you write your book, and when it’s time to launch your baby, you’ll already have an invested and eager audience waiting.

Here are Kimberley Grabass fey key things to remember:

  • Focus more on discover ability rather than selling. Your work is important, so help those who can benefit from it, find it.
  • Accept responsibility for the marketing and promotion of your book. Even if you choose to outsource some of the work, your book’s success depends on you taking action.

knxnsWebsite / Blog…

Use your blog to report or update your readers and fans on the new book you are writing. You could do once a week. You know, the up’s and down’s, in’s and out’s-enough to whet the appetites, building excitement and buzz for the book. Perhaps they can participate by asking you questions. Anytime a reader can ask the author questions you can bet they are going to buy that book when it comes out.

More thoughts on Social Media, Giveaways and Reviews… lkmxam

The incredible authors Eva Natsumi and Dianne Harman have some interesting ideas and advices for us on how to market our books.

According to Dianne Harmann, author of Blue Coyote Motel, Tea Party Teddy and Coyote in Provence, a great way to promote your work is creating an event on Goodreads, an Advance Review Copy event. More on her thoughts about Marketing you can find here.

On the other hand, Eva Natsumi / or Mary Catherine/, author of Drowing Ophelia, Bloody Valentine, Rue Bourbon Supernatirals, Beast, The Web and more, is giving us an example of Greatest Way to promote our work – Word of Mouth!!! To read more about her, her work and her unique world of words visit her interview with me here.

I wholeheartedly agree that we must write, and then write, and then write some more to enable our readers to be not only entertained, but being bated for more!

This philosophy is not only mine but also Lori Lesko’s, Shannon A. Thompson’s and Ellis Shuman’s. All of them are awesome and stunning authors from whom we can only learn a lot.

Lori Lesko is author of Our Daughters and a screenplay based on it called Diamond City. She is currently writing her second book titled COPYRIGHT. More about her and her journey as a published author you can read here.

You Must Go Deeper When Writing”, says Lori in one of her posts on her incredible Blog. “What I’m slowly discovering with a little help from some friends, is that everyone one of us writes differently and that’s okay.” With these words Lori invites her readers to read and help with improving her stories. This is a great way to connect with readers and promote any books or stories.

Ellis Shuman, author of The Virtual Kibbutz and Valley of Thracians have another point of view on Marketing – “My biggest successes marketing my books have been when I ran promotions offering the books at discounted prices. Soon you will have the amazing opportunity to read more about Ellis and his work here on my Blog under the INTERVIEW menu button.

Valley of Thracians

Ellis and Jodie’s Bulgarian Adventure!

Ellis Shuman’s book – Valley of Thracians, is very close to my heart because the action takes place in my home country Bulgaria. His extraordinary adventure and experience in Bulgaria helped him to create a unique book with unique characters.

Bulgaria is a fascinating country, with something for everyone – mountains, beaches, unique architecture, picturesque villages, and good food”, says Ellis in his interview with me and I’m very thankful for his words.

Most writers are willing to help others. Get out of your comfort zone, try new websites, and find out what works best for you. For instance, blogging has been great for Shannon A. Thompson, who is author of “Minutes Before Sunset”, “November Snow”, a lot of short stories and poems.

Her words perfectly explains the meaning of marketing and the importance of connecting with readers – “Marketing, to me, comes down to connecting with other authors and readers, so I spend a lot of time on social media sites, chatting away about writing and reading.

Her interview would be post it in the end of this week here on my Blog under INTERVIEWS.

MegA little bit about my experience…

As a reader and author, I have to agree that a great book is the best promotion there is. I will still continue to read books by favorite authors who don’t do the Facebook / blog deal, but those authors who do take the time make the reading experience that much sweeter. Hope you will enjoy reading my books, short stories, posts and interviews.

You can find more about me here on my Blog or on my personal Website.

My point of this post is…

You have a message to share with the world. That message will only reach it’s full potential when it’s seen by reader. To get the recognition you know you deserve, and then you can help more people and achieve your goals readers have to see your book.


Joanna Penn’s Incredible Book!!!

There are probably hundreds of things authors could do every month that would promote their books, we just haven’t allowed ourselves time to sit down and make list…but what fun that could be especially if we allowed ourselves to think out of the box!!!

Warmly, Meggie 🙂

lkm;maQuestion: If you are a writer, do you feel this tension between writing and promoting? How do you deal with it? Share everything you want others to know…

Thank you!!! 🙂


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