My 26th Birthday….

photo 3(1)1374060_817262638288038_239692651_nOn March 15, 2014, I made a list of 26 things I wanted to do on my 26th birthday.

And I wanted to see if I can do them all in 24 hours. The entire day was documented with my iphone and my progress was updated live on Facebook.

Many thanks to those who cheered me on and supported me throughout the day. I would never would have conquered the list without you. And of course, thank you all for the birthday wishes!

#1.Tell my husband & family “I LOVE YOU“!

#2. Breakfast in BED! /with Harry Potter movie/

photo 1(3)  photo 2(3)

#3. Make someone LAUGH!
#4. Eat a cake!


#5. Buy a Lottery Ticket!
#6. Buy myself a gift!

photo 2(1)

#7. Hug 26 people!






#8. Meet and hang out with some of my FAVORITE FRIENDS!


#9. Drop 26 cents on the street!


photo 1(1)#10. Finish reading a book!  /You can find my REVIEW of “The Necklace of Goddess Athena HERE! Soon I will post a REVIEW of “Sacrifice at Sea“”/                                                                                                                                                                                                 necklace-of-athena533x800photo 1(2)

#11.Go to the Children’s section at B&N and read my FAVORITE CHILDHOOD STORIES!

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

#12. Make video slideshows with photos, music…
#13. Do some shopping!

photo 3(2)

#14. Text message my best friend, to tell him that he is GREAT FRIEND!

1939595_10202934607273427_1618331306_n  photo 4

#15. listen to my FAVORITE SONGS!
#16. Cook a nice meal!


#17. Play with doggies!

photo 2(5)  photo 1(5)

#18. Go to a park!
#19. Make time to start reading a new book! /You can find out more about “Copyright” at Lori’s blog – HERE!/                                                                                                                          6000368

#20. Enjoy the LITTLE THINGS!
#21. Have a personal PASSION PROJECT!

photo 1(4)

#22. Be HAPPY in my own company!

1964929_10203630419027665_1224846691_n 1450083_10203630419507677_1734065066_n

#24. Buy a MOVIE Tickets!

photo 5

#25. Take a lot of pictures and post it on Facebook!

photo photo 4 photo 2(4)

#26. Be NICE to people I LOVE!

Of the and of the day I MAKE A WISH… 🙂

My birthday wish is for a world of amazing people that I can belong to and write for, who will inspire me every day… Oh, wait! I already have that! It’s you guys! Ok, then I wish for three million more wishes! 😉

What’s your wish?

XO-XO, Meggie


6 thoughts on “My 26th Birthday….

  1. This is just great Meglena. I love your creative birthday wish list which you were able to complete. They’re simple, but meaningful items that I like and that’s what makes it fun. Love this post!

  2. Your birthday was yesterday?!
    Let me belatedly tell you:
    Happy Birthday! Let them all celebrate you!
    And – still in time:
    Have a wonderful year! 😀

    • Thank you Jennie, my B-day was perfect 🙂 I did the list just to feel like I am creating something for me, for people around me, for people at all… It is good to do something like that list… You should do it on your Birthday 🙂

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    Jennie Sherwin, author and editor

    • Hi Jennie,

      Thank you for the opportunity. I am happy to say yes to your very kind offer. I will follow the steps and post tomorrow, Monday 31st, 2014.

      Thank you so much for picking me. Also can you tell me more about your editing experience?


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