Bulgaria marks Sunday of Forgiveness

22 February 2015 | Sunday

ForgivenessSofia!!! Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Sunday of Forgiveness (or Cheesefare Sunday) February 22, 2015. The day is also commonly referred to in Bulgaria as Sirni Zagovezni. Sirni Zagovezni is the first Sunday before Lent and is celebrated seven weeks before Easter. Other names of the religious holiday in Bulgaria are Siropusna Nedelya, Proshka, Sornitsa. Sirni Zagovezni is the last day on which dairy products are eaten before the beginning of the Great Lent. People in Bulgaria traditionally eat white halva, which is made of sugar and nuts. The ritual of ”hamkane” is performed, in which a piece of white sugar or a boiled egg is attached to a string tied to the ceiling of a room and all the children in a certain home have to catch it, using only their mouths.
The most important ritual on this day is to ask for forgiveness.
The evening of this feast is spent with close relatives and friends. Until dinner time the custom for “forgiveness” has to be completed – the younger kiss hands of the older people, asking and receiving forgiveness for their mistakes and insults during the year.
On Sunday all eparchies with the Bulgarian Orthodox Church will perform solemn masses in the morning and solemn evening masses, too.

Forgiveness can be easier said than done. But we must if we want to feel good and enjoy our life. We can’t control the behavior of others, this I know.

I think the hardest and most important part of forgiving is acceptance. We often hold on to the pain and hurt because somewhere we do not accept the reality in front of us, and in a weird sort of way the pain becomes a distraction that keeps us from facing the reality.

Once we have accepted things for what they are, we have already taken a step towards forgiveness. It allows us to truly feel the pain and release it.

Where loved ones are concerned, we do need to look at the part we play, and forgive ourselves for that, no matter how big or small. I believe we cannot forgive others until we have the ability to forgive ourselves. And this could be as simple as forgiving ourselves for allowing ourselves to be hurt. Also, if we do love the person and truly want a chance of a continued relationship, then holding on to the past destroys the future possibilities.

For me, it is about acceptance, acknowledgement, expression and release of feelings and emotions, setting boundaries (not expectations) and a desire to move on, whatever the outcome might be. To forgive we have to be prepared to let go, and when that happens all things are possible.

“Yo will find that it is Necessary to let things go; 

Simply for the reason that they are Heavy.”


Today is the day u forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself for doubting yourself.

Forgive yourself for not putting yourself first.

It’s not being selfish to make yourself a priority.

Forgive you so you can forgive others.

There is power in forgiveness.

Forgive yourself for not embracing the power you always had.

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