Great reading!!! NEW AMAZING BOOK BY J. KAHELE!!!


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J. Kahele

So are you excited to hear about this NEWS? J. Kahele have a NEW book out. She is a phenomenal writer and her style is amazing. I loved her story! Like all of Kahele’s other books, she has wonderful and unique characters and character-lines.

  • Tell us a little about yourself?

Facade – Unveiling the Masquerade [Kindle Edition] J. Kahele

I am a 47 year married mother of three teenage daughters. My mother is of Hawaiian descent and my father is of Italian descent. I spent most of my childhood traveling as my father was a Master Sergeant for the U.S. Army.

  • When did you began to write and why?

I have always written, I just began publishing my works, a few years ago. I do it to release the thoughts in my head.

  • Your favorite book when you were young and/or your favorite book now?

Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat. My favorite book now, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley.

  • What is the name of your new book?

FACADE_Banner-2Façade – Unveiling the Masquerade.

Plot overview: 

When Liam Sheldon is summoned to Chicago, to testify for the prosecution against Kate, and is again reunited with Ally, he realizes he can no longer hold back his feelings for her and his want to be with her, takes over his complete existence.

He reveals to Ally that he has made a terrible mistake, leaving her, that he loves her and asks her to take him back. But Ally is reluctant, afraid he will break her heart again.

  • How do you go about promoting your work?

I use promotion companies and social media.

  • How do you think electronic books have changed things?

Facade_BlurbI think it makes it easier on the authors, to get their books out.

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Same place, writing and happy. 🙂

  • Something close to your heart?

My children.

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A little bit from the book…


After months of hard work and dedication, the Maryland project was finally ready for sale. With over five hundred business owners bidding for the new improved company, Liam sat in on negotiations for weeks before finally choosing a buyer.

The project not only proved to be the most profitable one, but it also defined his company as one of the most sought-after investment companies in the world. His email constantly swarmed with potential customers begging for him to buy them out.

He should be ecstatic, proud that he had finally accomplished the one feat he strived for—success. But the triumphant prosperity was bittersweet. Selling out his heart to a life of loneliness was not worth the price.

Sitting at his desk, he glanced fondly at the Polaroid, snapped by a photographer when he traveled with Ally to New York to see the play Les Miserables. He frowned as he saw the dingy yellow cast surround the fading picture, a common consequence of the cheap film. His lip quirked up on one side slightly as her reflection caught his eye, her shiny dark hair framing her face elegantly, bringing attention to the gold flecks in her amber eyes. She is so beautiful.  Even after eight months, his heart still ached for her every breathing moment.

Sliding his hand into his suit coat pocket, he pulled out the folded paper that he carried with the Polaroid everywhere he went. It was his reminder of a happier time, the only thing that helped him make it through each agonizing day without her.

A lump began to form in his throat as he carefully unfolded the note she had left him the morning after they had made love for the first time. It read:


I wanted to thank you for an unbelievable night. I know it may be a one-time thing, and I don’t expect more. But I need you to know that it was very special to me and a night I will always remember.

Ally xoxo

Memories instantly flooded his mind: her invisible scent tingling through his nose; her smile playing tricks on his eyes as he envisioned her staring down at him.

“Ally,” he muttered, and instantly the vision disappeared. The illusion devastated him and he grunted, squeezing his eyes closed tightly as a soaring fleet of mixed emotions shot through his head, making him restless and shaky. God, I miss her!

The guilt and regret still lay heavy on his heart, igniting the suffering and agony that seemed to haunt him since he had left Chicago. Breathlessly he grabbed the sides of his head, yanking at his hair, attempting to quote his mantra, the one that made him better, stronger—but  the words dissipated from his mind and only visions of Ally and the last time he saw her lingered behind his eyelids.

Her eyes—those beautiful eyes, glazed with hurt and pain that he had cast upon her, after he selfishly shattered his promise to never break her heart.

“We were no good for each other,” he mumbled under his breath. But even as the words floated out of his mouth, he knew there was no real truth to them.


Gazing out into the distance, Ally watched as the sun blinked through the trees, lighting up the hilltops, the scenery like a picturesque postcard. It was an unusually warm day for mid-May in Chicago, a sweltering 88 degrees. Staring down at the brook, Ally exhaled as she thought about Liam.

She wondered if he thought of her as she thought of him. She found it disheartening that someone could be such an important part of her life and then just disappear without a trace. She attempted to convince herself he was just a façade of her heart, an illusion of her soul, but that was not true, not true at all. Maybe in his heart what they had was a masquerade, but in hers it was special, true love, one that could never be replaced. I will always love him!

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