DARE TO LIVE IN FULL COLOR… be magnificent with Couture Life Road and his creator Josip Majer

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Couture Life Road – Walk with style . . .

With an original voice and unique perspective, “Couture Life Road” is a concrete jungle of inspiration and place where you can discover the Art of Fashion….

The founder of this “Out of the Box Fashion Blog” is the astonishing and true master of couture style, Josip Majer, who is a freelance fashion photographer, stylist and writer. From personal experience I know that he is incredibly thoughtful, compassionate, go beyond the standard and he appreciates every person in his life.

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Josip started his blog as a way of highlighting the latest fashions and trends. His blog, “Couture Life Road,” also provides styling tips and inspires people to step outside of the box and feel confident while creating a stylish look. Very passionate about fashion, art and lifestyle, Josip loves to talk about everything related to this industry. SO naturally, I have decided to ask him a few questions about his wonderful journey!

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  • Can you tell my readers about yourself and your blog? How did you first get into blogging? What inspired you to start your blog? 
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Josip Majer

Couture Life Road (www.coutureliferoad.com) is a New York-based lifestyle blog. It is a place where you can find style but not just in a typical way.

As editor of this blog, I’m bringing something NEW – style inspired by the streets of New York. With an original voice and unique perspective, Couture Life Road is a concrete jungle of inspiration and place where you can discover art of fashion that lives in almost every person on the streets of Big Apple.

I think that this is not just a typical blog about fashion. In every post I’m trying to give my readers glimpse of my life and experience in New York.

What inspired me to start blogging?

Inspiration is everything. Life, New York, clothes, fashion, colors, people… Now when I think back blogging was actually one of my longtime dreams when I was still living in Croatia; Another dream of mine also was to live in New York City.

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Simeon Mishev aka The Fashion Clown!

After I got my green card I immediately moved into this beautiful town. Here I’ve meet amazing people, I start working, and thanks to my friend and roommate Simeon Mishev aka The Fashion ClownI start pursuing things that I really like, one of those things is blogging.

I like to think that being  fashion and writing about fashion is what I am meant to do. Before I came to NYC I worked as a TV journalist and host.

So writing and some kind of reporting is in my blood, obviously. 🙂

  •  Who was your first style icon?

Audrey Hepburn! No thinking! Amazing, sophisticated, beautiful and elegant. She is testament of elegance. Also next to her is Sarah Jessica Parker. I just love everything she does. She is always true to herself. Not just as “Carrie”, but as a mother or wife. I just love each of her appearances on the red carpet; especially on MET Gala, when she wore custom made H&M dress and Phillip Tracy hat. That’s fashion for me. You have to live it, work it and play with it… Last month I came across to an article in Harper Bazar about Diane Vreeland. She spent 26 years as an editor of Harper Bazar blazing an indelible trail with her daring approach to fashion. After I’ve seen the documentary about this amazing fashion icon I was mesmerized by her work and her style… Anyway, those are my top three style icons. But I think that there is so many more influence people, not just among celebrities, but also among people on the streets of NY. NYC is like non-stop living fashion runway.

  • Who is the main character in your stories?

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    Fire Island, New York!

I would love to feature more stories with other people and their personal style.

I think that it’s going to happen really soon, but so far I am the main character in most of the stories. My blog is still young, but I feel like I’m positively doing something right. Feedback is more than welcome.

  • What would you say that is for you the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

The two biggest challenges for me are time management and writing in English. I am still struggling to get the right words in English, but it’s getting better, and during that process I am learning something new every day. The other thing that is challenge for me is like I said – time management. I have a day job, and doing everything by myself makes it a little bit hard to persuade my dream of being fashion blogger, but I still love it. That’s life!

  • How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?
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Rudolf Valentiono style!

I really don’t know how to describe my style. I think I really love everything. I can’t fit in box and tell well this is “Me”. I like to play; I love to mix things that usually don’t go together.

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New Normal / Formal!

I don’t care for the rules or trends (don’t get me wrong I have some of the trendy pieces), but I love vintage stores unusual cuts, prints, and I think that just simple T-shirt with jeans can look amazing. It’s all about how you feel. Sometimes I like to put nice suit, or a designer shirt and look polished; sometimes I like to look like “luxurious” homeless person. I think my style is all about how you feel.

  • What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger? 

Well I hope invitations for events will come soon, but for now the greatest satisfaction is the fact that I can write and express myself using not just words and paragraphs, but clothes and accessories as well.

I love to interact with people and talk about fashion and trends, give them advices, but for me is the biggest satisfaction when I can tell myself: You did it good!

  • What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
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Ivo Kudini’s Website Page!

Oh, let me think about it. The most challenging part was standing in front of a camera. It still is.

It is so amusing because for seven years I was in front of television camera with no problems at all.

Now standing in front of the camera of the amazing and very talented photographer Ivo Kudini (www.ivokudini.com) is something new to me. Definitely challenging, but it’s also so fun, and after a while you feel comfortable and you trust your photographer, who becomes also your friend.

  • Would you encourage other people to create their own blog?
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If you like to put your thoughts out and share with the world you should do blogging. My blog is mostly fashion, but I also write in Croatian language, for my people back at home. I’m giving them a glimpse of different life, and a taste of some challenges that big city like New York can offer. Over all, I’m writing about different struggles and about my emotional roller coaster, and it really helps me to move forward.

To be honest, I’m blogging because of me, and if someone recognizes that as something that’s worth it, that’s even better. But my blog is still young. It takes time and lots of effort. As long as I’m having fun, the most important thing for me is that I had the courage to spread my wings and fly free for the first time. Writing about fashion and my experience in that area, it’s really exciting, and sometimes even overwhelming.

  • Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?
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My secret wish is to work maybe as a writer and stylist for fashion magazine. I see myself doing photoshoots, interviews, interesting stories.

Also I’m fantasizing about how maybe one day my stories on Croatian will become a book.

I have a lot to say, and I’m just on the beginning of my journey. We will see what is going to happen. Meantime stay tuned with Couture Life Road and my fashion adventures.

  • Where can we find you?

Facebook | Instagram | Website | Twitter

Josip, Thank you for participating in this journey with me. Wish you luck and hopefully more success then you ever imagined to achieve.

Thank you for reading!
Meglena Ivanova

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  1. Dear Meglena thank you so much for this amazing piece! I’m so glad that I’ve met you! You are such inspiration and amazing soul! 💜😉😘

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