5* BOOK REVIEW – The Spike (Kindle Edition) by Marilyn Thompson / * Current Price: $0.00

* Current Price: $0.00

I found this book very inspiring. I’d recommend it highly to almost anyone at any age. The simple, elegant narrative contains true wisdom and reveals more with each read. I read this in one sitting at a coffee shop without looking up. I felt like I was right there in the story. That is how absorbing this short fairy tale is.

A bit more on the story…
Marilyn Thompson does such a remarkable job with this horror fairy tale. Тhe characters are living, touching, unnerving, heartfelt, and very decisive. There was quite a bit of clever exposition in the story. Тhe witch was described to be wicked, dark and scary. She is having the ability to manipulate and control the little boy who makes a deal with her in order to get what he desire the most – which is to be a writer. Her eloquent talk charmed the little poor, naive and desperate boy and with the right opportunity she begins to gain enough power through the deal.
Walter’s character shows the weakness of innocence. He is incurably optimistic dreamer who has fallen into the temptation of the truly crafty witch. He is hoping to be able to write like a famous author and he is willing to give anything in exchange. His wish is granted by the evil witch but the “so desired happiness” turns out to be the greatest darkness of his life and unfortunatly his doom.

This story teaches us instead of thinking about what we want, first to consider: What are we willing to give up to get it?

I wish that there were more stories in the book and may be a few illustrations. 🙂

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