klm;lkmInterviews with remarkable authors about their life, books and writing experience!

I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring and do some author interviews on my blog. I’m aiming at one per week, so first come first served. Here you will find some postings (old and new) of interviews I conducted with other authors. If you want to appear here just contact me and I will send you my questionnaire!


  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Dianne Harman – author of Blue Coyote Motel, Tea Party 44251a4ddc6375441369759174Teddy and Coyote in Provence. Dianne draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background….
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Alison Strachan – Aliauthor of the coming soon fantasy novel with he tentative title The Divided. Alison is a fantasy writer who believes in the power of story-telling. She is passionate about the environment and speaking up against abuse of animals…
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Eva Natsumi – Unknownauthor of Drowing Ophelia, Bloody Valentine,           Rue Bourbon Supernatirals, Beast, The Web and more. She doesn’t much care for genres…
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Jason Halstead – jasonbiopicauthor of more then 41 books. Jason Halstead worksby day as a Systems Architect and a small business owner, as well as a devoted husband and father, published author, competitive powerlifter, and life-long student…
  •  A MOMENT TO SHARE with Marsha Cornelius – Marsha Use thisauthor of H10N1, The Ups and Downs of Being Dead and Losing it All. At first, she dabbled in freelancing for magazines, and wrote a couple articles for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Topside Loafing…
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Brad C. Anderson – 014Bradley and Joelle Headshot Portraits WEBauthor of Hammer of Amahte /book #1 of the Triumvirate Trilogy/ and In the Ravager’s Shadow /book #2 of the Triumvirate Trilogy/. Brad is self-published author with a Masters of Science in medical science…
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Lori Leskome2author of Our Daughters and a screenplay based on it called Diamond City. She is currently writing her first novel titled COPYRIGHT – a psychological thriller due 2014.
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Raven MalloMeTwitter.jpgauthor of The Bully Diaries, several flash fiction, short stories and two YA novels. She communicates from the soul of her characters and she loves to stretch her mind with poetry.
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Jeff JosephDSC01278author of A Novel Obsession and The Trials of Virtue. In spite of being a husband and father, Jeff has always been a daydreamer. True love and the inherent difficulty in finding it are what he daydream about the most, and to him writing a book is merely daydreaming and capturing our thoughts in print.
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Shannon A. Thompson –  Headshotauthor of Minutes Before Sunset, November Snow, some incredible short stories and poems. Her first short story, Sean’s Bullet, was published in an anthology in October of 2013.
  • A MOMENT TO SHARE with Rachel Abbottraheadhiresauthor of Only the Innocent, The Back Road and her third book – If You Leave Me should be released in the UK in March, 2014. Only the Innocent was launched in paperback, Kindle and audio versions on 5th February 2013 – going straight into the top 10 in the Kindle store.

2 thoughts on “INTERVIEWS

    • Hi Jessica,
      Thank you so much for your honest opinion. Your Blog is also interesting. I found some of the stories really amazing and unique. I’m trying to help as many authors as I can. It makes me happy and also I learn a lot from them during the whole process.
      I am proud to say that I have so many amazing people already signed up to INTERVIEWS on my Blog but I would love to add more to the growing list. Everybody is welcome!!! 🙂

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