10 Awesome Book Inscriptions

Two stories for the price of one make the book more special!!!

/ Do you have books with inscriptions that touch you, or remind you of a time past?  If so, share a favorite with me. /

MegTo create this post, I had a great time digging through my bookshelves. I haven’t played in my antique books for a long time. It was like visiting with old friends.

SO, let’s begin!!!

With the end of my Christmas Giveaway / I handed out 5 copies of my YA fiction book – The Legend of The Moonstone to 5 amazing readers from USA/ I have decided to write 5 personal and very unique messages for each of the winners.

But before I share with you what I have written, let me first give you some inside information about what make me decide to write something inside each book.

giftbook450I’ve always found books so inspiring – classic books, new fiction, cookbooks, empty notebooks… Actually I am so opposed to the whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ thing. I can’t resist a beautiful book or a unique inscription! Especially the inscription!

The special message in the book can make me smile or can make me sad. I personally believe that a few words can truly capture the spirit of the book or the spirit of the person who wrote them. Whether it is a name or a note, a handwritten inscription gives my sense of curiosity a jolt.  It’s like I’m getting two stories for the price of one!

Most likely you will all agree with me that a special message or quotation makes an already wonderful gift just that much more treasured. 🙂 

Anyway, books are a wonderfully thoughtful way to thoughtfully tell someone you care. When you inscribe the books and wrap them up with add a personal message, the lucky recipients will enjoy complimentary goodies to enjoy with the book (think hot chocolate), and remember you every time they open the book.

For more than 100 years, people have been giving books to loved ones as special gifts. I think giving a book is a wonderful idea.  I’ve always loved books, and not only for the stories and knowledge inside them. I’m fascinated by the extra, unique story found just inside the front cover – the inscription. After opening the cover and reading such a wonderful letter the book instantly became more meaningful to me as I travel the path of a writer.

Even Before the Story Begins A Good Inscription Can Bring a Book to Life! 8384428_f520

My mother inscribed every book she gave to me (and anyone else to whom she gave a book). That practiced carried over to me. Now, like bookmarks, I find the writing in books evocative, part of the treasure of the book itself. And it’s neat knowing where these books-and-their-inscriptions were found. However, it’s not just me, a lot of people love inscriptions and I know people who specifically buy books that have them! Like I said I also love inscriptions. They make me wonder about the journey the book has been on and how it has managed to find its way to its current spot and I can’t help but wonder what it will seem like to someone who comes across it 100 years from now. If only those books could talk!

So, back to my Giveaway!!!

1235082_199371823569709_1617250299_nThere are a few very interesting inscriptions that really stick out in my mind as being the most interesting. They are very special and very unique. Hope you will enjoy them. I used some of them like a personal message for my giveaway winners. Hope they like it, too:

  1. Note to the future owner: The future holds such promise, that all the past pales in comparison.
  2. All books reveal perfection, by what they are or what they are not.
    May you find what you seek, in these pages or outside them.
  3. Did you know that when you read this book in bed, that you are laying next to the happiest man in the world.  Your husband!
  4. To My Dearest Maria: May this book show you the memories of your past and the promises of your future. Your loving Mother, Judith!
  5. Enjoy this book while you sail off to faraway places.
  6. Dearest Anne, Here is one to start your collection of dreams, wisdom, and reality. Good luck on having time to read it. Remember I’ll always be there to travel with you!
  7. Dearest Barbara , You enjoy books and so I wanted to give you the story of The Legend of The Moonstone. Let your imagination wander with this book and may you one day be able to catch up with “professor Stransky” as you take the world into your hands and be great like him. Remember, anything is possible and I would be with you in every step of this adventure. Enjoy reading it!
  8. From my bookshelf to yours! With Love, Nathan!
  9. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thank you so much for your support!
  10. Happy Christmas reading! Thanks for your enthusiasm, encouragement and writing wisdom over many years – for making me write and keep writing, while not forgetting the geography. I hope you enjoy the result.

P.S. I have some old books handed down with inscriptions, which are very precious, as well as signed copies of books from some very talented local writers. I wonder if someone in the future will find them as interesting long after I’m gone.1-P1080273

I hope that meaningful gift inscriptions are one thing that our literary culture doesn’t lose sight of with the advent of electronic books.

Feel free to share any meaningful inscriptions in books you have come across. Oh, and make sure to check out my YA fiction novel, The Legend of The Moonstone, when you get a chance.

Treasure awaits you on your bookshelves! Go and find it!!! 

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