Sacrifice at Sea (The Bobby’s Diner Series) by Susan Wingate – 4 **** REVIEW

photo 1(2)What it’s all about…

Why…it’s about four friends and the lives they lead. These four just happen to live in the same town, Sunnyvale, Arizona.Georgette is the main character. Somebody from her past plans to kill her.

My thoughts after reading this book…

I really liked the cover. This story takes place on a cruise to Santo Tomas de Castilla from Port Everglades in Florida. 🙂

b0e37e5cccd80a7e9d9a20.L._V367286474_SY470_Susan Wingate has the ability to see how people fit together and understand the intricacies of their relationships. Her new book Sacrifece at Sea does just that. Susan has done a wonderful job with characterization. At the beginning of the book, she introduces these four friends as a group, and then develops them one at a time to give us the opportunity to get to know them as individuals. I was engaged from page 1 and found the book hard to put down. I definitely expected a romance when I started reading, but was treated to a story about friendship. The characters struggles are real and heartfelt, and I felt this was a book a lot of readers would be able to relate with.

Of the four friends, I was most interested in Georgette. I liked her and I found it easy to relate to her. She is a very strong character, courageous and determined. I found her funny and totally sympathetic. Quite honestly, the entire novel pivots around her. However, she was not perfect and that was making her more lovable. She disobeyed her new husband and kept her suspicions from everyone. But she was able to unearth the truth about a cruel murder.

I would have given this book 5 stars, unfortunately there was too much romance plot and not enough ‘mystery’ in it for me. There wasn’t a huge plot twist at the end, but still something completely unexpected. This book really shows how evil and cruel some people can be.

After all, this was a great friendship story, highly recommend if you have a book club of close friends or want a reminder to appreciate the friends you have. I enjoyed each character and following their lives, they all had a special voice, all very different which we made it easy to follow. 🙂

 You can read here interview HERE and learn more about her and her other books!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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